Testimonials from Retired Military Personnel

"The last eight years have been a challenge for the American military. It has transitioned from a force in training to a force coping with constant deployments. Whether active duty, National Guard or Reserve, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have sacrificed much. And as great as their sacrifices have been, their families have sacrificed more. I've seen first-hand the financial hardships placed on our military families and I've seen first- hand how a small cash grant from the Minnesota Military Family Foundation can make a difference. Because of volunteer support, Foundation administrative costs are minimal. As a member of the Foundation's board of directors, I know that contributions go directly to military families. The citizens of Minnesota have been so supportive of the men and women of our state who serve; that support needs to continue!"

Colonel (retired) Denny Shields
Vice President, Weber Shandwick Worldwide
MMFF Board of Directors

"The Minnesota Military Family Foundation has done great, quiet, and effective work. Since founded by Bill Popp it has helped hundreds of military families pay bills or purchase necessities that otherwise would have gone unaddressed. The families are greatly helped by the grants. 100 percent of the contributions are sent to the people in need because the small overhead that does exist is absorbed by Mr. Popp and the Minnesota National Guard. Families connected to all branches of the military can benefit from the Foundation and it is not necessary to have a National Guard connection."

Harry Sieben
Major General (retired), Minnesota National Guard
MMFF Board of Directors

As a Vietnam Veteran of the USAF, it is an honor to serve on the Board of the MMFF to ensure that today's service members and their families are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve after having risked their lives for our Country.  These brave men & women find it difficult to ask for help when things go wrong and they are faced with financial emergencies.  The MMFF provides this financial assistance in a meaningful and confidential manner allowing our heroes to maintain their pride and continue to serve without distractions.  The families also sacrifice, allowing their loved ones to serve and the MMFF is here to help when needed.  I would like to thank the MMFF for electing me to the Board because for me, the opportunity to help other veterans is an important mission that cannot be denied!

Thomas W Lyons
President of Faelon Partners Ltd
MMFF Board of Directors

"Since the draft ended many years ago, only a small percentage of the American people are involved in providing national defense. Of course, the brave young men and women who serve us so well in the military (active duty, guard and reserve) lead this list. Joining them as Patriots are their families and the employers of those deployed. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to those serving us. When they occasionally need some temporary financial assistance due to military commitments, the Minnesota Military Family Foundation is ready to provide it. Money in the foundation is not a gift from the government or the military ... it is donated by caring people who want to demonstrate their concern, appreciation and support for the men and women in uniform and their families. It is the least we can do to help those who serve."

Dennis W. Schulstad
Air Force Brigadier General (retired)
State Chair Emeritus, Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR)
MMFF Board of Directors

"From October 2002 through November 2007 it was my honor and privilege to be the State Command Sergeant Major for the Minnesota Army National Guard. During that time the Minnesota Military Family Foundation was established to support service members and their families. I know from first-hand knowledge that this program has a positive impact. Through available funds and quick action by the Foundation, I witnessed appliances being replaced or repaired, vehicles being repaired, airline tickets for parents to visit and be with their wounded warriors being purchased, vans being rented to allow family members to visit their wounded warrior and financial assistance provided to meet mortgage payments and other bills.

The services provided by this fund have provided necessary financial resources to Family Readiness Groups and Family Assistance Centers throughout the Midwest as they work with the service members and families during their numerous periods of deployment.

As the Global War on Terrorism continues the efforts of the Minnesota Military Family Foundation are a critical. Thanks for all that you do to support our service members and their families. Best wishes as you continue your great work."

CSM (retired) Bob Boone
7th State Command Sergeant Major
Minnesota Army National Guard

Testimonials from Families

"I want to thank you again for helping me out it means so much and is going to help me in more ways than I thought possible. Its organizations like yours that make it possible for me to get the help I need and not end up behind forever."

"Without your help we would not have been able to visit our son that was wounded in Iraq. It meant so much to us as parents to be able to visit with him."

"I wanted to thank you and the board very much for the aid that you gave my family last year. We were definitely between a rock and a hard place and feel very blessed to have received your aid."

"I'm truly amazed and grateful that there are organizations out there like yours, The grant was approved the same day and I was able to call the mortgage company to say the check was in the mail."

"Thank you so much, we can't express how grateful we are. This grant has given us hope. We can breathe and move forward with bettering our lives"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. We can now stay in our home."

"You have no idea how much this has helped us, we are so fortunate to have people who care and a place that can help out".

"As a Family Assistance Specialist, I have seen the grants from MMFF enable families to get back on their feet financially as well as emotionally. Financial problems, during and after deployment, can be a terrible strain on a marriage. Having assistance with a financial crisis can be a pivotal factor in whether a service member and his or her family will have a successful deployment and/or reintegration."